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Workout of The Day – Thursday

Tabata Hollow holds Alternate with Tabata handstand holds Teams of Three All reps must be done in order. All reps must be completed before moving onto the next exercise. Reps can be divided up between your teammates any way that you wish. For Time: 2000 meter run (X5 400m) 100 burpees (to a ring or bar) 50 power cleans (185 lbs/ 125 lbs/ 95 lbs) 100 toes to ring 2000 meter run

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Workout of the Day – Friday

Press 3-3-3-3-3 @ 40% Clean and Jerk Tag team: run 200m 15 hand release push ups partner holds plank (hands or elbows, can switch back and forth) entire teime. Switch. Perform 5 rounds each Cash out: 2 rounds Single arm carry each arm X 50ft (heavy) Lateral box step ups X 10 each side

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Workout of the Day – Wednesday

Four sets of: Floor Press X 6 reps Rest 30 seconds Single-Arm Dumbell Row X 10 reps each arm Rest 30 seconds Four sets for max reps of: 60 seconds of med ball sit ups Rest 60 seconds 60 seconds of Burpees Rest 60 seconds 60 seconds of Alternating Reverse Lunges with DBs/KBs Rest 60 seconds

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